Avvic Cloud maintains a comprehensive, thoughtful process that ensures business continuity and ultimate reliability.

Our dedicated IT department is responsible for keeping clients informed about all significant events concerning the functioning of the information infrastructure on a 24x7 basis via Email2SMS-enabled mobile phones.

Our servers are built on standard operating systems and security fixes are uniformly deployed to the company’s entire infrastructure. This homogeneous environment is constantly monitored for modifications.

Failover capabilities are implemented for main network services, such as development, mail, DNS, internet access, and active directory servers. Mail Server backup is performed via two backup servers, which ensures mail service retention and stability.

For development purposes, we utilize virtualization technology, which enables us to build a separate operational environment for each project and thus increase resource allocation flexibility and effectiveness.


Avvic Cloud implements a disaster recovery program at all of its data premises which includes a set of data protection and other security-related activities and embraces data recovery scenarios for each potential data loss situation (e.g., hardware or software failure, computer virus, human factor, etc.). This program comprises multiple components to minimize the risk of any single point of failure, including the following:

A) All application data is replicated to multiple systems within a data center and to remote data centers.

B) Avvic Cloud operates a geographically distributed set of data centers that are designed to maintain service continuity in the event of a disaster or other incident in a single region.

Distributed Data Center

Data Replication

Disaster Recovery Plan

Fail-Over Locations


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